Be Local: Earthly Delights

There are some fantastic local food and drink events coming up that showcase some of BC’s “earthly” delights. Click below to read on …

The Fungus Among Us – Mushroom Festival is on at Whistler, October 14 to 15. Hear from local mushroom experts, Andy MacKinnon and Paul Kroeger. Savour mushroom delicacies with Nita Lake Lodge Chef Owen Foster. Learn to forage for local mushrooms with the mushroom experts. For more details, visit our EDBL Events Calendar.

For a culinary feast of local, in-season BC food and drink check out From Farms to Forks 2 A Growing Chefs! Harvest Kitchen Party on Sunday, October 23 at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. From Farms to Forks is a fundraiser in support of Growing Chefs! .

Get ready for the Festival of Chocolate, October 15 to November 15, a series of chocolate themed events across the Lower Mainland celebrating all things chocolate, including all things that pair with chocolate, cooking with chocolate, thinking outside the chocolate box… and more!  Plus, if you “like” us on Facebook, you will automatically be entered to win 2 tickets to the Wellbrook Winery Chocolate Event. This is a chocolate and wine pairing seminar that will pair each wine with a local artisan chocolate truffle, created to match the unique properties of each wine. An additional pairing of a dessert will be served, to showcase the different flavours one can taste, even when serving the same beverage. Yum yum! For more details, visit our EDBL Events Calendar.

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