Drink Local: Winter Dunkel

When Alix said she was going to cook a chili in the Crock-Pot this week I immediately said “beer”. Well, to be honest, sometimes I say “beer” regardless of what Alix says but, that’s just me. My biggest dilemma was which beer would go best with her tasty dish. I settled on Whistler Brewing Company’s Limited Edition Winter Dunkel.

This Dunkel has a delicate citrus flavour complemented with chocolate and a rich toffee flavour.  As many foodies know, cocoa is a not-so-secret chili contest ingredient. Perhaps that’s why the cocoa flavour in this beer pairs nicely with the bold chili flavours.

Like winter, this Dunkel won’t be around for ever. In fact, it’s almost sold out.  Don’t miss your chance to try it before it’s gone.

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