About Us

To us being local is about being part of a larger community. It’s about making a connection with the person who grew, caught, brewed or created the food we eat. It’s choosing to fill our shopping carts with food that’s grown nearby with the belief that closer to home means, fresher, tastier and healthier. It’s buying fruits and vegetables in season, drinking wines from vineyards in our region and supporting independent, locallyowned stores. It’s choosing the local catch of the day off the menu or walking a little further to buy fresh bread and cheese made by local artisans. It’s making the farmers markets part of our weekly shopping routine, and finding new ways to cook what we bring home. It’s about choice and ultimately being part of something bigger.

We don’t believe being local is about hardship or deprivation – it’s not an all or nothing commitment.  It’s about making small changes that add up to something bigger and in turn make a positive impact on your community.  For some people, local will be a 250-mile-radius, for others it will be a 100-mile-radius and for a lucky few, it will be their own backyard.

Local to us represents a mindset and a deliberate intent to get the freshest food and drink we can from a local source.

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